Covered persons shall formulate an annual AML training program aimed at providing all their responsible officers and personnel with efficient, adequate and continuous education program to enable them to fully and consistently comply with all their obligations under this Part, the AMLA, as amended, and its RIRR.

Trainings of officers and employees shall include awareness of their respective duties and responsibilities under the MLPP particularly in relation to the customer identification process, record keeping requirements and CT and ST reporting and ample understanding of the internal processes including the chain of command for the reporting and investigation of suspicious and money laundering activities.

The program shall be designed in a manner that will comprise of various focuses for new staff, front-line staff, compliance office staff, internal audit staff, officers, senior management, directors and stockholders. Regular refresher trainings shall likewise be provided in order to guarantee that officers and staff are informed of new developments and issuances related to the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing as well as reminded of their respective responsibilities vis-à-vis the covered person’s processes, policies and procedures.

Covered  person’s  annual  AML training program and records of all AML seminars and trainings conducted by the covered institution and/or attended by its personnel (internal or external), including copies of AML seminar/training materials, shall be appropriately kept by the compliance office/unit/department, and should be made available during periodic or special Bangko Sentral examination.

(Circular No. 950 dated 15 March 2017)