Appendix 19

(Appendix to Sec. 376-A)

I.     Agriculture (Major Division 1)
A.     Agricultural crops production (Division 11)
111 Palay production
112 Corn production
113 Vegetable production, including root and tuber crops
114 Fruits and nuts (excluding coconut) production
115 Coconut production, including copra making in the farm
116 Sugarcane production, including muscovado sugar in the farm
117 Fiber crops production
118 Other agricultural crops production
B.     Production of livestock, poultry and other animals (Division 12)
121 Livestock and livestock products
122 Poultry and poultry products
123 Raising of other animals, including their products
C.     Agricultural services (Division 13)
130 Agricultural services
II.     Fishery and Forestry (Major Division 2)
A.     Fishery (Division 14)
141 Ocean (offshore) and coastal fishing
142 Inland fishing
143 Operation of fish farms
149 Other fishery activities
B.     Forestry (Division 15)
159 Other forestry activities (operation of forest tree nurseries; planting, replanting and conservation of forests; gathering of uncultivated forest materials; establishments primarily engaged in providing forestry services on a fee or contract basis)
III.     Mining and Quarrying (Major Division 3)
A.     Metallic ore mining (Division 21)
211 Gold ore mining
212 Other precious metal ore mining
213 Copper ore mining
214 Nickel ore mining
215 Chromite ore mining
216 Iron ore mining
217 Other base metal ore mining
B.     Non-metallic mining and quarrying (Division 22)
221 Coal mining
222 Exploration and production of crude petroleum and natural gas
223 Stone quarrying, clay and sand pits
229 Other non-metallic mining and quarrying
IV.     Manufacturing (Major Division 4)
A.     Manufacture of food (Division 31)
311-312 Food manufacturing
B.     Textile, wearing apparel and leather industries (Division 32)
321 Manufacture of textiles
322 Manufacture of wearing apparel, except footwear Manufacture of leather and leather products, leather substitutes, and fur, except footwear & wearing apparel
324 Manufacture of footwear, except rubber, plastic or wood footwear
C.     Manufacture of paper and paper products; printing and publishing (Division 34)
341 Manufacture of paper and paper products
342 Printing, publishing and allied industries
D.     Manufacture of chemicals and chemical, petroleum, coal rubber and plastic products (Division 35)
351 Manufacture of industrial chemicals
352 Manufacture of other chemical products
353 Petroleum refineries
354 Manufacture of miscellaneous products of petroleum and coal
355 Manufacture of rubber products
356 Manufacture of plastic products not elsewhere classified
E.     Manufacture of non-metallic mineral products, except products of petroleum and coal (Division 36)
361 Manufacture of pottery, china and earthenware
362 Manufacture of glass and glass products
363 Manufacture of cement
369 Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
F.     Basic metal industries (Division 37)
371 Iron and steel basic industries
372 Non-ferrous metal basic industries
G.     Manufacture of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment (Division 38)
381 Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment and furniture and fixtures primarily of metal
382 Manufacture of machinery except electrical
383 Manufacture of electrical machinery apparatus, appliances and supplies
384 Manufacture of transport equipment
385 Manufacture of professional and scientific and measuring and controlling equipment not elsewhere classified, and of photographic and optical instruments
386 Manufacture and repair of furniture and fixtures primarily of metal
H.     Other manufacturing industries (Division 39)
390 Other manufacturing industries
V.     Electricity, Gas and Water (Major Division 5)
A.     Electricity (Division 41)
411 Generating and distributing electricity
412 Distributing electricity to consumers
B.     Gas and steam (Division 42)
421 Gas manufacture and distribution through systems
422 Steam heat and power plants
C.     Waterworks and supply (Division 43)
430 Waterworks and supply
VI.     Construction (Major Division 6)
501 General building construction
502 General engineering construction
503 Special trade construction
VII.     Wholesale Trade and Retail Trade Repair of MV Motorcycles and Personal and Household Goods (Major Division 7)
A.     Wholesale trade (Division 61)
619 Wholesale trade not elsewhere classified Merchandise brokers, general merchants, importers and exporters
VIII.     Transport, Storage and Communication (Major Division 8)
A.     Transportation services (Division 71)
711 Railway transport
712 Road passenger and freight transport
713 Water transport
714 Air transport
719 Services allied to transport
B.     Communication (Division 73)
731 Mail and express services
732 Telephone services
733 Telegraph services
739 Communication services, non-essential commodities
IX.    Financial Intermediation (Major Division 9)
X.     Real Estate, Renting and Business Activities (Major Division 10)
XI.    Public Ad and Defense; Compulsory Social Security (Major Division 11)
XII.   Education (Major Division 12)
XIII. Health and Social Work (Major Division 13)
XIV.  Other Community, Social, and Personal Service Activities (Major Division 14)
A.     Other social and related community services (Division 95)
951 Research and scientific institutions
XV.    Private Households with Employed Persons (Major Division 15)
XVI.  Extra- Territorial Organizations and Bodies (Major Division 16)
XVII. Restaurant and Hotels (Major Division 17)
981 Restaurants, cafes and other eating and drinking places
982 Hotel, motels and other lodging places, non-essential commodities


  1. For purposes of identifying the classification of a certain enterprise or undertaking, the industrial groupings in the 1977 Philippine Standard Industrial Classification (PSIC) list shall be