Section 121 Minimum Required Capital
Section 122 Shares of Stock of Banks
Section 122-A Shares of Stock of Universal/Commercial Banks
Section 122-B Shares of Stock of Thrift Banks
Section 122-C Shares of Stock of Rural Banks and Cooperative Banks
Section 123 Deposit for Stock Subscription
Section 124 Dividends
Section 124-C Limitations/Amount available for dividends declared by rural banks and cooperative banks
Section 125 Basel III Risk Based Capital
Section 126 Capital Instruments Eligible as Risk-Based Capital
Section 127 Risk-Based Capital Adequacy Framework for Stand-Alone Thrift Banks, Rural Banks and Cooperative Banks
Section 128 Domestic Systemically Important Banks (DSIBs)
Section 129 Basel III Leverage Ratio Framework
Section 130 Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process and Supervisory Review Process