(31 December 2018 Edition)

The Manual of Regulations for Banks (the “Manual”) is divided into eleven (11) parts covering the following topics:

 Part  Topic
 I Organization, Management and Administration
 II Deposits, Borrowings and Other Liabilities
 III Loans, Investments and Special Credits
 IV Trust, Other Fiduciary Business and Investment Management Activities
 V Manual of Regulations on Foreign Exchange Transactions
(Please Refer To Separate Manual On Foreign Exchange Transactions)
 VI Treasury and Money Market Operations
 VII Electronic Banking Services and Operations
 VIII Regulations on Payment Systems
 IX Anti-Money Laundering Regulations
 X Financial Consumer Protection
 XI Other Banking Regulations

Each Part is further divided into Sections. For provisions that pertain only to a specific type of bank, a suffix is added to the Section number corresponding to a type of bank, as follows:

 Suffix  Type of Bank
 A  Universal and commercial banks (U/KBs)
 B  Thrift banks (TBs)
 C  Rural banks and cooperative banks (RBs/Coop Banks)

In case the provisions are applicable to two (2) types of banks, the applicable letters will be separated by a “/” symbol. The last two digits refer to the Section number, while the first digit/s refers to the Part number of the Manual.